Welcome to Starfleet Academy, formerly UCIP Academy. Since it's inception, the academy has been dedicated to providing quality training to the members of UCIP. It is currently divided into three schools; each of which are ran by a school dean. All of the deans report to the Commandant, who is responsible for overseeing the operations of each of the schools.

All new members to UCIP are required to complete Basic SIMGuide Training in order to be permitted to receive promotions within UCIP. If you are a new member, please visit the new member's area for detailed information regarding taking Basic SIMGuide Training. Once a new member has completed Basic SIMGuide Training, they may apply to take any of the Advanced Courses offered within the Academy.

Starfleet Academy also staffs an online IRC channel on the KDFSNet Network, #Academy. If the person you speak to is unable to help at that time, they should hopefully point you in the direction of assistance, even if it is only an email address.

Academy Instructor Openings

Basic Training

simguide instructor

Advanced Training

helm instructor
engineering Instructor

Command Training


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If you have any questions relating to Starfleet Academy, please contact us, we will be happy to assist.

Starfleet Academy Mibbit Chat

Admiral Jim Scott

Vice Admiral Stormy O'Brien
Deputy Commandant