This is the first step in becoming a productive member of the UCIP family. The Basic Sim Guide Training is required for all new members of UCIP. This program takes students through the basics of simming and teaches them how to be a productive member of a team.

Covered in this program are two different aspects of simming in UCIP. Email simming and IRC (chat based) simming. New members, who we refer to as Students, are required to take at least one of these options. However, a student can opt to take both. Passing the program involves reading the Basic Sim Guide, passing a comprehensive exam, and then either passing an IRC and/or an Email practical evaluation. Any person who joins UCIP and lists themselves as a New Member is automatically enrolled in this course and should receive a Welcome Letter from an instructor.

Most Commanding Officers will allow a new player to start simming immediately and this is perfectly fine and very much encouraged! However, logs sent in and sims attended cannot count towards a promotion until a student passes the Basic Sim Guide. Once this has been achieved, any logs sent or sims attended will begin to count towards next promotion.

Once a student completes the practical exam with a passing grade, they will be awarded the ribbon for the section they have completed. After completing basic training, a Cadet has the option of taking advanced courses.

If you have any trouble with the SIMGuide Program, please contact us, so we can help you to resolve whatever difficulties you may be encountering.

LT JG James Kaz
Dean, Basic SIMGuide School