Listed below are suppliment guides to help our members in UCIP.

Advanced SIM Techniques Guide to Basic IRC Commands
Getting Onto IRC Guide to Powergamming
Instructor's Handbook Standard Operating Procedure

Advanced SIMming Techniques
Guide There are many things that even an experienced SIMmer can do to improve the quality of their SIMming experience. This guide covers things from character biography building, to writing techniques and styles.
Internet Relay Chat (IRC)
Guide Getting onto IRC for the first time can be a daunting task. This guide talks you step-by-step through downloading mIRC, a popular IRC Client, installing it, and getting onto an irc server.
Basic IRC Commands
Guide IRC commands allow you to perform specific functions on IRC, such as maintaining control of a channel and the users on it. This guide will give a list of basic IRC commands that will help you get started.
Power Gaming
Guide Powergaming can ruin even the best SIMulation. But what is powergaming? This Guide takes a humorous approach to a very serious subject.
Instructor's Handbook
Guide The Instructor's Handbook covers various rules of operation for an Instructor. It also lays out guidelines for handling students and for being promoted. Please read this handbook throughly if you are currently an instructor or thinking about becoming one.
Standard Operating Procedures
Guide The Academy standard operating procedures, Please read throughly. All Instructors need to know and understand these rules for Instructor handling of Students and for Instructor promotions. Anyone interested in becoming an Instructor should read and understand this material.