Visiting the USS-Endeavour

Posted on 241412.05 @ 8:33am by Vice Admiral Stormy O'Brien & Admiral Jim Scott

Mission: Visiting the USS Endeavour
Location: The Bridge of the Endeavour
Timeline: present

Jim sat in the XO’s Chair looking across the spacious Bridge of The USS-Endeavour Registry 1509 a sovereign class star ship that had served many years in the delta quadrant. She now sat in the space refitting yard. Jim looked out at the stars shining brightly in many different colors against the black background through the main view screen. Jim was slightly mesmerized by the size of the ship and all the different functions it had. Jim came back to reality from Admiral Johnson's voice,” Admiral Scott what do you think of the Endeavour? I think she would be a fine starter ship for Academy’s use.”
Jim Replied,” Aye Admiral I think so as well. She’s big and has a fine compliment of fighters as well as a marine section. Our Instructors and students could get much needed practice on her. But let’s wait I want to her how my deputy commandant feels Admiral O’Brien. She’s touring down below and should be up on the bridge shortly.”

@ 0300 A team of experts from the Academy had accompanied Stormy to the Endeavor once aboard she turned them loose with assignments to run diagnostics for their assigned departments. Stormy headed for Deck 15, main shuttle bay, where a group of NCO's from Starfleet Technical Services Academy (on Mars) was due to arrive any moment to inspect transporters, replicators, torpedo bays, shuttles and star fighters. Once they arrived she had five minutes to speak with their master chief before meeting with a Starfleet Cmd Science officer in the Science Department. Once MC O'Reilly was briefed she got her crew on the ball and Stormy was off to science labs on Deck 7.

Lt Via looked pleased with what he'd found so far. "Ma'am I've checked the labs on the lower decks, they are not ship shape but with a little TLC & program updates,this will be fine science department for Academy students." Stormy ordered ratijnko from a nearby replicator then responded:"That's good news Lt. I'll expect a complete report in two hours" "Aye, Ma'am." Via said. With orders given and acknowledged, Stormy's next stop was the XO's Office and ratijinko...0300 shifts required copious amounts of raktajino. She dusted off the chair and sat down at the desk....and tasted the..... Stormy tapped the com link on the desk. "MC O'Rielly does ratijinko taste like motor oil?"
"No, Ma'am."O'Reilly stifled a snicker.
"How soon until the replicators are calibrated?"
"40 minutes Ma'am."
"Thank you Master Chief."

Later: When Stormy arrived on the bridge, Jim and Admiral Johnson were still conversing about the Endeavour. "Admiral O'Brien reporting, Sirs."

James smiled and motioned Stormy to sit in the CO's chair. She moved over and sat down. James looked at the bridge one more time taking it in and then turned to Stormy and said," Stormy this is Admiral Johnson head of the fleet yards. Stormy the USS-Endeavor has a long history with the federation. She began as the CS-Endeavor in the Confed fleet serving in the Delta Quadrant many years. I knew a number of officers that served on her. Later she was converted to the USS-Endeavor and decommissioned in 2408. She has had an illustrious career. She's a great looking ship that could provide years of service to academy so admiral Johnson tells me. Stormy you have had a chance to look her over in depth." James looked solemnly at Stormy and asked," Admiral O'Brien what do you think of her?"

"She's an old girl. She'll do just fine with a little TLC. The Cadets can learn everything about The Endeavor by doing the work to fix her." Stormy fell silent for a moment pondering the reports coming up on the PADD in her hands. " Engineering reports that the Warp drive will be online within the hour. "Security reports all their departmental systems are working well; although, the antiques in the small arms armory will need to be replaced. She suggests donating the antiques to the Academy Museum." Stormy continues reporting: "Ops reports the computer systems will require 48 hours for complete systems checks and updates. He also reports that there are no issues with the hull of the ship. Tactical reports: Shields are functional. Weapons systems will be online in 6 hours. Helm reporting in: The gyro needs to be replaced. Navigational systems and maps are currently updating." Stormy blows her auburn bangs out of her eyes....And finally the Science officer is somewhat happy with what he's found, but he says 72 hours until all the Science systems are updated - and he has a lengthy list of equipment and supplies... Medical reports that once the Sickbay is suitable for students, she has requisitions completed and ready to send in. The Quartermaster has checked all quarters, replicators and recreational areas of the ship and found them suitable and not in need of much repair." Stormy paused a moment to catch her breath, then continued: " Two weeks until she's ship shape, supplied and ready for a shakedown cruise."

James smiled and turned to Admiral Johnson and said,” Well that settles it I am satisfied Academy will take her for student use. The USS-Endeavour should provide many years of learning experience to our students. “James turned to Admiral O’Brien.

“Stormy I like the idea of having our engineering staff refit the ship. Please make it so. Also when the updates are finished we will need to put a skeleton crew onboard and park the ship in orbit over Academy. I want transporters and the shuttle bay at full strength. People will be coming aboard and leaving frequently so safety first. Once this is done we will have to choose a permanent crew.” James said.

Admiral Scott looked at his watch and said,” I have to beam back to academy for another meeting. Admiral O’Brien you’re in charge of the setup I will see you later back at the academy offices.”

=[End Log]=

Vice Admiral Jim Scott
Rear Admiral Stormy O’Brien