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Review the 10 Basic Rules of Simming

Posted on 241407.23 @ 12:08pm by Vice Admiral Stormy O'Brien

Mission: The Weekly Training Post
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Weekly Training Post Part III 07-23-2014

So you're not a cadet any more, you might be a big bad Admiral- even big bad admiral's need to review... rules, character bios...and the 10 Basic Rules of Simming. :oP


01. Creativity is key, creativity gives life to your character.

02. Pay attention to detail. Keep up with what others are doing and writing, it just might affect your character

03. Be flexible, anything can happen in a SIM.

04. Remember the Golden Rule. Treat others IC & OOC with R-E-S-P-E-C-T and kindness.

05. For every action, there is a reaction. If you put a phaser to your head and fire, chances are, you're dead. Don't do dumb stuff.

06. Words are powerful, use them carefully, and write so others understand what you're doing.

07. Communicate; talk out of character (OOC) with other crew members in email. It builds cohesion and can add to creativity.

08. Stay involved, you can't always be the center of attention... but that doesn't mean your character can't do anything. It is a big ship.
[check your ships specs, tour and deck listing on your Sim Website - it might give you some ideas.]

09. Develop your character. Make sure you use traits about your character in your logs. Don't just write a BIO and then play your character completely different
~*~ Cmd Teams use your Character Bio's help in plot creation, using some key ideas to tailor parts of the story to your character.
~*~ It helps the Cmd Team to suggest ideas when you are stuck for ideas to JL.
~*~ If your character's background is "Classified" you need to tell your Cmd Team the details of that Classification.
~*~ Your Cmd Team will not share information deemed classified.

10. Be consistent, that way others know what to expect of you. Over time it can be like ESP.

You're time is appreciated!
Thank you vary much.


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