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Understanding the Chain of Command 7-16-2014

Posted on 241407.16 @ 4:48pm by Vice Admiral Stormy O'Brien

Mission: The Weekly Training Post
Tags: Basic Training, Chain of Command

Weekly Training Post July 16, 2014

Part II: The Chain of Command

The Chain of Command is devised to help keep the SIM flowing smoothy (email SIM or IRC SIM.). If you have a problem that you cannot resolve, a disagreement, need help with a subplot idea, something to keep you busy in your department go to the person next in the chain of command.

The Chain of Command:

Assistants/Jr Officers >>Department Heads/Deans

Department Heads >> Executive Officer /Deputy Commandant

Executive Officer >> Commanding Officer

Commanding Officer >> Task Force Commander or Starfleet Commander.

Do not jump the chain, that is do not go over someone's head or just go to the next person because it's convenient. Proper protocol dictates that you go to the next person in the chain above you. When you 'jump' the next person it leaves people out of the know and unable to act upon that knowledge. Keep people in the know and keep the SIM strong. IFF* you have a clear and important reason to buck the chain state that reason in email or private message to the person you have chosen to address.

Department heads are responsible for answering questions during a SIM (email or IRC) to leave the XO and CO free to do their jobs which is guiding and setting the course of the plot. Crewman and Assistants should go to them first

Subplots need to be run by the Head of your Department and the XO. A subplot is always secondary to the main mission plot. Your XO will be able to tell you if any modifications need to be made to your subplot. Be willing to listen.

Most issues can be solved efficiently by the senior officers of your SIM however, if it's reached the Star Fleet Commander and you feel it requires resolution from a higher up, call for a meeting of the last person you spoke with and the next person on the chain.

If this is an OOC issue the chain of command continues from the Starfleet Commander to Deputy Commander in Chief and the Commander in Chief of UCIP.

* IFF = if and only if.


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