Posted on 241404.06 @ 4:35pm by Vice Admiral Stormy O'Brien

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Vice Admiral James Scott,, Commandant
Commodore Stormy O'Brien, Deputy Commandant
Fleet Admiral Donald Davis, Dean of SIMGuide.
Captain Vokar, Instructor SIMGuide/Security -Tactical
Commodore Andrew Munroe, Instructor Astrophysics

Meeting is not mandatory.


#06[10:18] <&DCmdt;_OBrien> !attn
[10:18] <@Capt_Vokar> I thought Voll was Simguide Dean?
[10:18] <@Capt_Vokar> !attn
[10:18] <@BSG_FAdm_Donald> ::attn::
[10:18] <&Cmdt;_JScott> !attn
#06[10:19] <&DCmdt;_OBrien> CCmdt, the Faculty are at attention,
[10:19] <&Cmdt;_JScott> At eas and proceed
[10:20] <&Cmdt;_JScott> Mike Voll Resigned last night
#06[10:20] <&DCmdt;_OBrien> Welcome to the Academy IRC Meeting in and thank you for coming.
#06[10:20] <&DCmdt;_OBrien> It is our intention to interact in a live setting with Academy members while solving any issues you are having with your course, students. More minds working on the same issue may help each of us find solutions.
#06[10:20] <&DCmdt;_OBrien> Our goal is to make this the best Service SIM online. We cannot do it without you.
#06[10:22] <&DCmdt;_OBrien> Adm Scott, the floor is yours.
[10:24] <&Cmdt;_JScott> Well lets first start off with the new acad site. This one will require all academy Officers to sign up since its an actual nova sight. This will be necessary when the sight is done. Stormy where are we in regard to the new sight?
#06[10:25] <&DCmdt;_OBrien> You can sign up now, it's bare bones, but i'll be adding things weekly.
#06[10:26] <&DCmdt;_OBrien> we will have a library that contains all the guides and resouce matterial in complete format.
#07[10:26] * Moss ( has joined #Academy
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[10:26] <&Cmdt;_JScott> The main reason for the sign up is so the crew part can be entered.
#06[10:27] <&DCmdt;_OBrien> please send an image of your character, or if you have a lcars bio... i can steal your pic from there.
#06[10:28] <&DCmdt;_OBrien> url:
#03[10:29] * Retrieving #Academy modes...
[10:31] <&Cmdt;_JScott> Stormy Moss is here but on sick call
[10:32] <@Moss> They gave me the good stuff
[10:32] <&Cmdt;_JScott> Stormy is there any specifics you want to discuss about the new site before we move on?
[10:33] <&Cmdt;_JScott> Moss we hope your feeling better soon
#06[10:33] <&DCmdt;_OBrien> is there anything that you gents would like on the new site?
#06[10:35] <&DCmdt;_OBrien> An Archive will be set up for student records.
[10:37] <&Cmdt;_JScott> Nice donald on the student records we I assume will have space for the in arcive
[10:37] <&Cmdt;_JScott> eventually that will grow
[10:40] <@BSG_FAdm_Donald> I'm sure there will be, we can talk specifics after the meeting though. :)
[10:42] <&Cmdt;_JScott> Understood FAdm Donald unless anyone has more questions about it we will move on
[10:44] <&Cmdt;_JScott> Ok this brings us to simguide since Voll is gone Fadm_Donald what is its status?
[10:45] <@BSG_FAdm_Donald> Running good for now, we've recently graduated a crew member from the Vindicator. No students at this time though. The new simguide has been put on the website and we will be using the new exam that Voll created before her departure.
[10:46] <&Cmdt;_JScott> May I say the new Simguide manual and the new exam was excellent work on your and Volls part.
[10:48] <@BSG_FAdm_Donald> Thanks.. figured it was time to finally get rid of all the extra genre stuff since we've gotten it out of UCIP
[10:48] <@SciAstroInst_AMunroe> <>
[10:48] <&Cmdt;_JScott> Is there any thing further you would want to add Fadm_Donald
[10:48] <@BSG_FAdm_Donald> Not regarding the simguide ;)
[10:51] <&Cmdt;_JScott> Rodger The next thing on the List is Advanced courses The present status is we have 2 or 3 students in the last few months and they were primarily Instructors as I recall All completed and passed their courses.
[10:52] <@BSG_FAdm_Donald> <>
#06[10:52] <&DCmdt;_OBrien> <>
[10:53] <&Cmdt;_JScott> Presently Advanced courses is running quite slow.
[10:53] <&Cmdt;_JScott> Understood Donald you are excused when you need to go
[10:54] <&Cmdt;_JScott> Ok your up I am going to announce command school
[10:55] <&Cmdt;_JScott> The next think on the schedule is command school What is it's current status Dcmdt_O'brien
[10:59] <@BSG_FAdm_Donald> <>
[11:01] <@BSG_FAdm_Donald> I know for SOT, I've recently been added as the newest instructor due to lack of communication from the last instructor. Stormy and I are planning on updating the material for the SOT course. For XOT, I know of one student who is interested in signing up, but I don't know if he has yet or not. I don't know anything about COT.
[11:06] <&Cmdt;_JScott> Excellent Donald on the SOT and XO courses. The only thing Sto#my has indicated to me about the COT is an understood worry about the 18 hour observation I think she is think it could be shorter.
[11:07] <@BSG_FAdm_Donald> 18 hour? I thought it was 18 days?
[11:08] <@BSG_FAdm_Donald> <>
[11:08] <&Cmdt;_JScott> Stormy also indicated in the agenda 1 sot and 1 xo student
[11:08] <&Cmdt;_JScott> sorry your right I think
[11:09] <&Cmdt;_JScott> also no drops and no new enrollees
[11:09] <&Cmdt;_JScott> Understood Donald
#06[11:10] <&DCmdt;_OBrien> 18 weeks.
#06[11:10] <&DCmdt;_OBrien> sorry in an out.
[11:10] <&Cmdt;_JScott> Oh 18 weeks yes that quit a long time.
#06[11:10] <&DCmdt;_OBrien> << 1 hour has passed, if you need to leave for any reason feel free to go.>>
#06[11:11] <&DCmdt;_OBrien> i have plans. we can discuss after the meeting. Sorry i had unplanned on company arrive.
[11:12] <&Cmdt;_JScott> That’s Ok well now I have a question to the present staff what can academy command do to better help you out?
[11:14] <&Cmdt;_JScott> Ok I am going to post this info from the agenda after which the floor is open.
[11:15] <&Cmdt;_JScott> You can join starting Monday. Yes we will be sending out reminders!
[11:15] <&Cmdt;_JScott> Full text versions of each academy guide will be available by the end of April.
[11:15] <&Cmdt;_JScott> Full text versions of the resource guides will also be available.
[11:15] <&Cmdt;_JScott> If you've ever wanted to write a post in character for the Academy, now you can. You can JL with other members of the academy. Or write Personal logs.
[11:15] <&Cmdt;_JScott> Stormy the floor is open for questions
[11:16] <&Cmdt;_JScott> Does anyone have a question or anything they want to discuss? The time is now
[11:22] <&Cmdt;_JScott> Since there are no questions and I believe the attendance is due all Instructors with a perfect attendance on roll call may display an attendance medal in the academy medals section for their bios in LCARS. Stormy will publish that list shortly
[11:23] <&Cmdt;_JScott> Ok this a academy meeting is adjourned you will be notified of the time and date of the next one