Advanced School

This is the next step in the academy to expand your knowledge of your department and those departments that you will encounter in a sim. Covered in this school are various types of courses that can be found below.

You are highly encouraged to enroll and take these courses as it will aid you in becoming a better player in UCIP. The Academy recommends that you take your department course first and then the Operations course. The Operations course is beneficial because it explains how all the departments interact and what you can and cannot do in character.

If you have any questions or problems with Advanced Course; please contact us, so we can help you to resolve whatever difficulties you may be encountering.

Vice Admiral Jim Scott
Dean, Advanced Courses School

Class Catalog January 2415 - January 2416

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Cheat Sheet
Medical personnel on a ship oversee the physical and mental health and safety of the crew. Those training in the field of medicine usually select an alien physiology to specialize in other than their own. Counselors, if necessary, can provide psychiatric and psychological treatment and care. Students taking the Combined Medical Studies course become trained in the use of medical equipment and medicines.
Commodore Althea Swan

Transwarp Drive
Engineering personnel provide the necessary repair and upkeep of equipment aboard ship. It is suggested that prospective Engineers select one (or more) Engineering skills to specialize in because the Confederation encourages research and development of newer and better systems.
Commander Christoper Plum

The ships in UCIP are not run entirely by officers. The vast majority of those aboard are enlisted personnel. The enlisted crew serves on the bridge, maintains security, performs basic medical treatment, helps repair the ship, and provide a source of training for the junior officers on the ship, to give a brief (and all too incomplete) listing of the contribution of enlisted personnel.
Ens James Kaz

Flight School trains Cadets in the basics of flying tactical auxiliary craft. Pilots from Starfleet's Naval and Marine branches are trained in the instruments and fighters of today's Starfleet.
Commodore Steck

Helm and Navigation personnel provide the ship with pilots and co-pilots. They also provide the ship with experienced Shuttlecraft and Runabout pilots and co-pilots. It is highly recommended that those who take the Helm course also take the Operations Course.
Commander Frey Ayyn'vida

General Orders
Starfleet's Judge Advocates are responsible for the investigation, prosecution, and defense of the men and women enlisted in Starfleet. In addition, Starfleet Judge Advocates assist in the development and ratification of treaties and act as legal advisors to members of the Federation Admiralty.
Commodore Steck

Starfleet Marines are exceptionally well trained and capable, even by Starfleet standards. They are meant to operate primarily on planetary surfaces, both land and water, but are also trained to participate in space-based operations as well. Their skills reflect the fact that they frequently have to operate in a long-range reconnaissance fashion, often with little or no support from Starfleet.
Lieutenant JG Lucas De Wynter

This is the course for Cadets who wish to pursue advancement in the command line fields of the Confederation. The Operations course provides an interface between the day-to-day normal activities of the crew on board ship and the command personnel. Operations personnel study a program designed to give them a working knowledge of all other divisions in the Confederation.
Lieutenant Commander Moss

Science personnel provide the investigative research for ships and transmit that information back to UCIP Command. Science personnel are also useful on landing parties and at Starbases. Those choosing Science as a career usually go on to specialize in a certain field such as Astrophysics and Xenobiology.
Commodore Andrew Munroe

This course is to spark the student's interest in discovering how our worlds all came to be, the origins of and the future of the universes around us. Various areas of astrophysics and basic cosmology will be touched on during thise course; this information being merely the basics and not anything overly technical.

   •Science: General

Commodore Andrew Munroe

Phasers & Probes
Security forces provide basic police duties on ship, as well as protective duties to landing parties. The chief of Security also runs the Tactical systems such as weapons and shields.
Captain Vokar

This course is provided to all officers of the Confederation who have not only a desire to one day command a Confederation Station, but also to those officers who are currently in command of a Space Station facility.
Admiral Cerywyn and Commodore Tiffany Skylar

The Warrant Officer Training course readies a simmer to take on a career stream between the enlisted and commisioned officers. It is comprised by the field experts; those that know and do best in their field of interest and it creates a definite nich of officers vital to the operation of StarFleet.

The major base entry criteria for this officer stream is Petty Officer 2nd Class or an Academy Cadet that decided not to follow the commissioned officer route. The second criteria is the officer must have taken or will be taking the academy course for the field he or she is pursuing.
Ensign James Kaz