Admiral Christopher Pike Library

Welcome to the Admiral Christopher Pike Library. The librarian holographic program shimmers as she takes on corporeal form. Please follow me. She waits a moment for you to comply and follow her from the glass paneled bridge into Grand Reading Room. Academy students and civilians are seated at study stations beneath the glass dome. The Admiral Christopher Pike Library was built in 2269, it is a replica of the first library of its kind. It provides an inviting and comfortable seating for 220 faculty, students and visiting scholars from the Confederation can work under a soaring elliptical glass domes with views of the newly reconstructed Starfleet Academy Campus and a glimpse of the Golden Gate Bridge. The Academy is yet recovering the Cardassian endeavor to destroy the Federation last summer. It is fortuitous only the dome and the main floor of this library was damaged but as you can see, it was restored thanks to the hard work of civil, Starfleet engineers and our cadets.

The LHP walks towards the Circulation Station as she continues the tour. Beneath the travertine main floor, is the book repository. It is 120ft deep and runs the length and width this library and houses 7.5 million books which are retrieved by a fully automated system. The computer system is connected with the Confederation's LCARS system which offers immediate access to all materials needed for research. The Pike Library also houses state-of-the-art conservation and digitization laboratories that preserve rare materials in their original form and through digitization. The digitization projects conducted here will enable research galaxy wide as well as innovative approaches to scholarly cooperation.

You may choose to read a hardback, paperback, viewscreen or from your PADD. The LHP has led you to the Circulation Station. You simply order a book from your PADD or at the circulation station in the center of the dome. If you cannot find what you require here, feel free to contact the The Librarians. They will do the best to find it or point you in the right direction. Or you may use the reference material you can locate from your PADD, such as LCARS, Memory-Alpha dot org, Star Trek dot com, the ancient NASA Space Museum and Library or The ancient Library of Congress for starters. This concludes the tour. We hope you will pull up a chair, relax and enjoy learning new things or reading for pleasure. Please visit often. The holographic Librarian shimmers and fades.

Grand Reading Room:

  • 2438.4 square meters
  • Maximum Capacity 220
  • Seating 220
  • 20 -four person tables with down lighting and view screens.
  • A continuous desk around in the inner perimeter of the GRR.
  • 3 Glass Cubical Private Research Rooms to the east of the Circulation Center.
  • Circulation Service Center:

  • LHP(Librarian Holographic Program)
  • Library Staff: Three staff members who can answer questions, returns and distributes materials requested from the automated system.
  • Preservation Department:
    1828.8 sq meter where the Library's rich collections are preserved.

  • Conservation Laboratory:  Contains 21st century tools for hand repairing hardbound books: paper washing sink, fume hoods, a suction table and ultrasonic encapsulator are used alongside old world tools such as bookbinding equipment such as presses and sewing frames to conserve original artifacts.
  • Digitization Laboratory: State of the art computerized reproduction.
    Automated Storage and Retrieval System aka ASRS

  • The ASRS shelves materials underground by size rather than library classification, in racks extending 110 feet down, with a capacity to hold the equivalent 7.5 million volumes
  • The Computer Core